Fig trees in Italy, July 2019.
Figs split in two and sprinkled with salt and olive oil. A handful of fresh basil leaves on top, and mozzarella di bufala on the side. You cannot really go wrong with this dish no matter how you compose it.

The perfect lunch

Figs and basil from the garden, served with mozzarella di bufala, and some great olive oil, salt and pepper.

This the perfect lunch in summer. This is how simple you can go, if you pay attention to the quality of the ingredients. In July, when the first figs ripen, I could eat it every day, and often I do.

Summer figs are sweet but not overly so, and they have a very thin skin. In autumn we get a second harvest. The fruit is smaller and more concentrated with a little tart, almost berry-like flavor. Fall figs are delicious too.

Unfortunately, figs don’t like traveling, and the ones I bought in Helsinki two weeks back did not have any taste.

I am trying to come up with a Finnish version of this perfectly light yet satisfying lunch, with winter squash and some aromatic herbs perhaps?