My footbrush is an oak wood nail brush with tampico fiber bristles, by Iris Hantverk.
Saltwater and sand foot therapy, Vietnam, 2017.

Feet First

“I always say to my clients, if you don’t have time to do anything else in the morning, at least dry brush the soles of your feet”,

writes skin specialist Alexandra Soveral in her book Perfect Skin.

Dry brushing is one of the best ways to help your body manage and eliminate toxins within your skin, though I believe there are things that are even more important: a good night’s sleep, drinking enough pure water, and not blocking your energy flow with worrisome, stressful thoughts.

The purpose of dry skin brushing is to support circulation and the flow of your lymph and therefore give your metabolism and immune system a boost.

Dry skin brushing also removes dead skin cells so that your pores are able to breath out stuff that needs to get eliminated from the body.

Beginning from the soles of your feet, it is ideal to dry brush your whole body in the morning, before showering, when your skin is at its driest. But if you do not have time for anything else, at least do the soles.

I have a different brush for this, with slightly harder bristles.

Using circular motions, brush from under your toes towards the heel. Repeat several times to activate the nerve endings and wake up your body.

Finish with a few long strokes in the same direction, from toes to heel, and follow with a shower.

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