Alexandra Soveral is one of the world’s most in-demand facialists. Her book Perfect Skin was published in 2017.

Perfect Skin

Alexandra Soveral is a skin specialist and product formulator based in London.

Her recently published book Perfect Skin was introduced in Financial Times a while back, and after reading about her holistic views on skincare in the interview, I ordered a copy right away.

In the book, Soveral goes through the anatomy and function of skin – the organ that so accurately reflects our inner health and wellbeing. Soveral explains in a down-to-earth manner how skin works and what affects it.

Mentioned are good fats, real food, drinking enough water and not too much anything else. Soveral also writes about the importance of not trying to be skinnier than you naturally are (if you want to have great skin, that is).

Instead, she encourages you to get naked in front of the mirror and practice admiring your body.

Besides sharing a lot of practical information about most common skin issues and her personal battle with acne, Soveral introduces organic solutions to allergies and flare-ups, and shares simple recipes for creating your own all natural skincare products.

I know many of you are already fans of cosmetic lines that are free of harmful chemicals and other foreign particles that do not belong to your body. But after reading this book, you will be more convinced than ever, that organic and natural is the way to go.