Unfocused courtyard, October 2017.

Too Busy To Focus

Lack of time is a weird concept. Because when you think about it, time is all we have. No matter how much time we waste, it just keeps going, there is always the next minute and the next minute coming. Endless minutes to spend, savor, waste...

But we feel busy anyway. That has to do with responsibilities, agreements and deadlines. I try to manage my schedule so that I can focus on a couple of things really well, instead of rushing through a million things and ending up with a whole load of mediocrity. But this does not mean I don’t often have more ambitions and tasks than I feel have time for.

It is too easy for me to let go of self-care rituals when I have a lot going on. I guess most people do the same. I find myself thinking I do not have time for self care, and somehow feeling sad and disappointed that the stress is showing on my face. Like it was the lack of time that prevents me from doing well!

That’s a lie, by the way.

Focus is an extraordinary thing. No matter what you decide to focus on, when you do it for some time, the thing you paid attention to has grown and evolved. So instead of trying everything – buying a new serum or starting a new diet once a month – you can actually do quite a bit to your sense of wellbeing by say, prioritizing sleep. One simple routine with an enormous effect.

Another big thing for me has been letting go of the idea of some future stunning physical and mental state and bringing my focus to the state I’m in: ever-changing and always responsive to what’s going on inside me and around me.

My five beauty staples:
drinking enough water, eating real food
walking outdoors and/or ten-minute yoga indoors
hugs and kisses

I may skip a lot of things but these I hold on to, every day, week, month. Priorities.