Vintner’s Daughter

From the day I heard about this beauty product up until last fall, I thought the brand was Winter’s Daughter. Having grown up surrounded by all these hardy plants that can withstand the toughest winters, the name made total sense to me.

Until I learned a new word: vintner. Vintner is a winemaker.

The face product I had seen everywhere but never tried was by a brand called Vintner’s Daughter, which means a winemaker’s daughter. Vintner’s Daughter originates in Napa Valley, where the founder April Gargiulo made wine in her family vineyard before she established her natural cosmetics brand.

At this point, Vintner’s Daughter began to make sense, and I became interested in Gargiulo’s approach.

In winemaking, terroir is everything. Where you have your piece of land and how you take care of it – that’s what defines the quality of the grapes you get to work with and essentially what your wine will be like. So I like Gargiulo’s idea of finding nutrient-dense plants that came from clean soil and formulating them in a way that is easy for the skin to use for its benefit.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is a product I call bluntly face oil. I use it as a moisturizer. Made on a grapeseed oil base out of the best organic botanical ingredients, it is high quality skin food that you want to use every day once you first try it.

What I most love about the oil is how fast your skin absorbs it leaving the face plump and moist but not the least bit greasy. The key thing though, as with all oil-based products, is to apply it on warm and moist skin.

Gargiulo says the serum was designed to be her “desert island” product and I get her. If I had to live with one face product only, this could easily be it.

That said, I could easily replace the serum with the Youth Dew or the Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom Skin, both products have been part of my beauty ritual for quite a while now.

Although I know there is no one miracle product that will make everything perfect and satisfy your needs forever, I like the payback that comes with high-quality natural cosmetic products. They just fit. And after feeding your skin with the good stuff, there is no going back to using something that was not as carefully designed and made.

As beauty products can be pricey, though, we all have to decide what to invest in and what to do without. I notice myself putting my money on what stays in the skin after cleansing, because effective and inexpensive cleansing products are so easy to find. And, for the best price and quality, you can even mix your own.