All The Best Books

At a time and age that is so overly saturated with image, I often find myself thirsty for other dimensions, fuller experiences: how amazing rosemary smells at the store, or a cake you baked. The way words can move through you and uplift you.

Or music. As in, eyes closed, sound only.

It feels silly to write this, but these are things many of us have to remind ourselves of. To smell the rosemary. To even notice the rosemary. To not just play that music but actually listen. To make time for a bath. To actually be in that tub.

Instead of browsing online stores for, say, new shoes.

Our homes and closets are filled with all the best items yet we cannot stop planning what to get next.

If you take a break from consuming images that you browse online all day every day (those images that yes, can be very uplifting and inspiring, but that also give you tons of reasons to shop), if you take a break from all that, what’s calling you?

Can you make your life more beautiful with things you have around you right now? Can you make your workplace more beautiful by just noticing and appreciating the people you work with? Can you make yourself more beautiful by looking into a mirror and being nice?

Can you see something lighting in your very own eyes, even if just shortly, when you make that connection with your true self as you look at yourself and say something nice? It is so moving, it is almost scary...

Whose ideas inspire you? Who would you like to spend more time with? How do you want to feel? What’s stopping you from feeling and being more that?

There is a time and place for everything, and I wish you and I both can have all the beauty in our lives we can possibly think of. I know we can.

The only rule I have set myself is this: when I constantly need to buy beauty, it is time to turn off my devices and take a bath, or something.

Life is too short to have all the best books and never read anything.