Portonovo in July 2019.


I have a favorite beach. It’s located by the Adriatic Sea next to a mountain and a large national park. In summer, I visit weekly, and I always feel so vital after spending some time in the water. Like every cell in my body found its place and purpose.

The summer ease. Our eternal craving because we only get to experience it in flashes. No matter how good the weather is, or how well things are in our lives, the mind wonders...

Should I be more that, I definitely should be better at this, and I want better clothes. If only there was more time to focus on what really matters, then I would be happier. Yeah. 

I returned to Instagram after a two-month break, and my first reaction was a minor shock. Who are these people, and what is all this practiced perfection? I don’t have a life that fits in, the face, the wardrobe, the perfect shots from my perfect vacation. I sometimes pretend I do, and that’s what annoys me even more.

My idea of good life is one with ease with just the right dose of excitement. It’s the feeling I get when floating in the ocean, rather than the effort I take, when I try to describe the experience and make it sound so ethereal or glamorous.

The feeling of ease is not about being glamorous, or cute and funny, or having achieved something that other people admire. It’s about being, and being content with being. It’s about looking at something that you like and knowing: this is it. Now.

When you try to take a picture of it, so that you can see how many likes it gets before you decide how much you really like it, and how worthy you are, then, well, you missed it dear friend. At least I know I did.

Don’t worry though.

Every new moment, a fantastic opportunity for practising the art of being at ease.