Sextantio in Abruzzo

On a clear day, you can see Gran Sasso mountain from our yard. So it was fun to finally visit.

You would not be impressed by our hiking on the mountains though, we just walked around here and there. The main reason for our visit was Hotel Sextantio in a small village called Santo Stefano di Sessanio.

I have stayed in a Sextantio hotel before, they have a gorgeous place in Matera in the south of Italy. The Santo Stefano di Sessanio location was the first one they opened, and I hear there is going to be more.

More than a hotel chain, Sextantio is a project with a vision of breathing life into the forgotten villages and people in Italy. The result values the past and focuses on a life of simpler times, in the spirit of living more but with less. Being mindful.

The interior design of the rooms is inspired by pictures taken in the area in the 1920's. To keep the spaces aesthetically true to their history and avoid the overuse of contemporary elements, the rooms are furnished with native objects and using traditional local materials.

Yet Sextantio is the perfect destination for people who also value urban life with its luxuries. Even though you get a glimpse of the past, there is a Wi-fi and the bathrooms are equipped with contemporary sanitary ware in sober designs. The hotel is also pet friendly which is great since we often travel with our dog.

We stayed for two nights, spent a lot of time outdoors, visited some wineries, ate traditional dishes in the charming restaurant of the hotel, burnt a lot of candles and took a bath when it started to rain.

The next time I arrive in a Sextantio hotel, I arrive without my laptop. It just does not go with the atmosphere, let alone the interior design.

By limiting options and distractions you build a deeper connection to the things you decide to give your attention to. Here, if anywhere, you have a good chance to come out of your head and back to your heart.

Via Principe Umberto
67020 Santo Stefano di Sessanio, AQ
Abruzzo – Italia