Apparently they are open. Santo Stefano di Sessanio Italy, June 2016.

To be

I have moved my body all my life and imagined myself very physical and connected to the body. After hearing Eileen Fisher talk about what she called 'embodiment' in a seminar in San Francisco last February, I realized that I sure am physical, but only when I am physical.

I also space out. Disconnect and pull back. Especially in meetings and situations where there are a lot of people around me.

So I am learning to breath myself awake when I find myself beginning to turn inwards.

The moment I come out of my head and back to my breath, to my body, maybe wiggle my toes or roll my head a little, I feel happier and lighter and I have more to give to the people I interact with.

I used to label myself shy, but the more I think about it the more I notice, that being open requires nothing more than being present, having a clear mind, and with that, focusing on people and things that feel interesting.