Afternoon routine: taking Hilma out.
Morning routine, every morning.


While we all love the idea of an adventure and exploring new things, your body and mind respond well to repetition and consistency.

Routine gives you a sense of structure. It is familiar and therefore comforting. It keeps you going even when you are not in the mood for anything extra.

Physical routines such as taking a walk, dry brushing your body, or making a meal are good mood stabilizers. Often the easiest way to bring order to a cluttered mind is to get up and move your body; awaken your senses, find some simple way to get your energy flowing.

Along with dog-walking, dry brushing, meditating and making a nice breakfast every morning, I find small things that I do around the house most delightful mindfulness exercise.

Changing sheets on weekends. Lighting candles every morning and every evening. Freshening up our place as a parting ritual between work and play.

Some routines can also be called rituals, or traditions, but for the sake of good life, I cherish the really small and mundane ones. Those are what anchor your day and keep you going.

Everything is better after a brisk walk in fresh air.