Wild calla lilies ripening in California, 2017.

Comfort Zone

An analogy I never found resonance with: getting out of your comfort zone. They say that is where the magic happens, but does it really?

What if the real magic happens inside your comfort zone, and the comfort zone just gets bigger as you live on?

Sure you can go after things you are not prepared yourself for, things that you consider out of your limit in some way, and after an indefinite period of rough riding, maybe your world is bigger. Maybe you achieved something that you used to think was impossible for you.

But there are more fun and definite ways to go after those things. Things that require less grit and anxiety.

The reason we feel something is outside our comfort zone, too scary, is that we do not see it clearly yet. We are a little green still. Meaning, we are still learning. We are still in the process of ripening.

When what you want is bigger than what you know you can get, chasing what you want requires a lot of effort, and almost never brings you the outcome you wanted.

We all know people who start a new job or a new relationship once a year thinking: this is it! This will be the one that brings me love, money and success. And soon they start complaining because the job or the partner wasn’t so great after all. They are looking for something new again.

It is not the lack of trying that prevents them from having what they want. It is definitely not the lack of certain qualities or skills.

It all comes back to self and what we believe about ourselves.

To know real love and success is to know it within us first. Only after that we can see it manifesting in our lives in the form of wellbeing, abundance, loving relationships, and so on.

Talk to any miracle maker in this world and they will tell you that doing impossible things sure is wonderful, but the moment these things happen, actually long before they happen, they do not feel miraculous anymore, not in the sense that they are impossible.

They feel inevitable. They feel like the most natural thing.

The feeling of success is not discomfort and doubt – it is joy and certainty.

Our business is not to dictate the world and other people to give us what we want. Our business is to know our value and find comfort in all those wonderful things we dream of having, doing and being. All those things that make our hearts sing.

And once you are so comfortable with an inspiring idea that you own it – that is when you are ripe enough to live it.

Until, of course, you are green again, with a new idea, with a new dream.