Making your bed makes you feel you have accomplished something early in the day. It’s one of the habits I will never part with.

Simple and easy things

The Minutes newsletter goes out the first Sunday of the month. This month, anticipating the holiday season and the turn of the year, I wrote about habits I look forward to returning after the festivities. 

I swear by simple and easy habits and routines. They keep me going, when I don’t feel like getting anything done, and help me gain a sense of order when life is a mess. 

Good habits are like paths that lead to places I wish to go. Even if the place is far away from where I currently am, taking one step towards it every day will take me there sooner or later – often sooner than I thought. 

I listed ten good habits for the newsletter but could easily come up with ten more: such as ending the day with a clean kitchen, dry-brushing my body or finishing my morning shower with cold water.

You can read the newsletter in English here and in Finnish here.