Fall arriving fast, October 2017.
In Helsinki, summer nights are white, and so are the prettiest winter days.
“It's May, they say, that gave the whole world this crazy, heavenly, hazy hue...”
In September, apples are ripe and all is green.

Room with a View

A harmonious space usually links the indoors and outdoors somehow. This way, the space feels to expand beyond the windows and doors.

Although you do not step outside the window, the free space outside is mentally yours. This can be easily sensed in rooms with no windows: they feel smaller in size than the same square meters with a window.

In interior design, to get the most out of the surrounding landscape and airspace, the view and colors outside the windows are considered when choosing the mood and color palette.

As a rule of thumb, if you see a lot of sky out your window, it is natural to choose pale colors for walls. If not, warmer tones are a natural fit.

A brand new house or apartment can feel quite sterile, yet when the place is designed to be in harmony with nature, it feels instantly warmer and more inviting. Like a shelter that protects you from the elements.

This sense of being safe and protected is one of our core needs, and totally independent of style.

You can (and I dare say you should) create a beautiful home without all those iconic design items on your shopping list. Those are the last thing add. The work begins by considering the sense of space, light and the landscape.

A house surrounded by leafy trees is where you sense the seasons most. Our home is surrounded by trees from both sides so it changes a lot in a year’s cycle.

My favorite palette at home this time of the year is natural blue light with warm candle and mood light – and all the beautiful colors and spots and shades these three create when combined. You sense it is cold outside yet you feel warm.

In the dimming afternoon light, windows provide the perfect background for candles, or a single burning incense. Light up the fireplace and you have a cabin in the middle of the city.