Cottage Life

Pooltime at Chateau Marmont is always a good idea, as long as it is warm. Rather than staying in the main house, this time we made bookings early in order to get a cottage on the garden side of the property. I love it there.

You have access to the house, restaurant and bar, but you’ve also got your own little hiding place.

Our room was a mini apartment, just like the ones in the main house, only here you have the garden dimensions and everything’s more compact and cute.

We had a small study, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, though I would have been happy with half of the space. We tried to make most out of the square meters, hanging our things in the closets and using the kitchen enough to keep it alive.

Because that’s the thing with hotel rooms. It is nice to have the luxury of space sometimes, but only when it is used. Especially when I stay somewhere on my own, I find the simple small rooms not just more economical and meaningful but cozier too.

Things that I remember from Chateau Marmont, always: the sound of the ping pong table in the garden, spotting your own signature stationery on your desk, morning paper delivered to your doorstep, the pastel colored bathroom amenities, shower curtains, the weight of your room keys and, sudden feelings of nostalgia here and there, like you are visiting a world that does not exist anymore.

This is not a place to live in, this is for visiting and wandering and being curious about the people you see and meet. And as it all happens in the beautiful LA light, it feels kinda like being in a movie.

Chateau Marmont
8221 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046