Airbnb can be

Staying in an Airbnb can be wonderful.

The spaces I have loved the most combine the feeling of living like a local yet there being a clear sense of privacy. Meaning, that you do not feeling you are staying in a stranger’s place with that stranger’s bread crumbs still on the kitchen table when you arrive.

There is a very special, Airbnb in Milan, Italy, that I look forward to staying in when in Milan.

Designer Ilse Crawford found the 40 square meter space online and almost by chance, the owner asked Crawford to transform the former garage and laundry room into an contemporary apartment for the Airbnb traveler.

Regardless of the small size, the apartment feels airy and spacious as natural light filters through the space.

Crawford tells in a Elle Decor Italia interview that market research suggests that a hotel guest spends 80 % of their time (I suppose awake time) in the bathroom. With this in mind, she put the bathroom, clean yet sensual in design, at the center of the space.

With a limited budget, the green Moroccan tiles were the biggest investment. You will spot a lot of Ikea pieces but used smartly with focus on natural, quality materials that age beautifully. The Ikea kitchen, for example, is customized with a Carrara marble counter and beautiful brass handles.

For 87 eur per night, the apartment is available for rent via

Images courtesy of Costanza Cecchini.