Jasmine Garden botanical mist, Youth Dew facial serum and Honey Mud cleansing silk by May Lindstrom Skin.
The Clean Dirt: a blend of cleansing clays, warming spices and healing salts. Pour a teaspoon on your palm, add a few drops of water and blend. Once the ingredients activate, they will create a soft mousse that you massage into your skin.
Lake of Pantelleria, June 2016. People come here to enjoy the hot springs and make exfoliating mud body masks. The soil of the natural crater is stocked with minerals.
The Honey Mud cleansing silk smells and feels like a dream.

The cleanest dirt

“I use nothing else”, my friend answered, when I asked if she had tried, and could maybe recommend, the organic skincare products by May Lindstrom Skin. Three months later, I use not much else.

The series is very limited: six products for the face, plus one body and hair oil. That’s it. And you need nothing else, like my beautiful friend had discovered way ahead of me.

Lately, I have used the Clean Dirt clay for cleansing. Sometimes mixed with the Honey Mud cleansing silk, sometimes with water. I walk around the house and the garden wearing the Honey Mud mask. It feels wonderful on and tastes and smells so sweet our dog wants to lick my face. It also leaves the skin soft and happy.

For hydration, I spray my face with the botanical mist and add some Youth Dew, the hydrating serum. Besides the moisture, it gives a nice color.

Each product of the series feels very natural and sensual, and I enjoy the ritual of mixing and applying them. It is easy to be right here and now, when you have all the wonderful scents and textures catching your focus. Mini-meditation.