The road to Benikulà turns from the main road between Scauri and Sibà village. Leave your car at the end of the road and continue by walk.
Walk on for ten to fifteen minutes...
...and there it is on your right. Crawl in and enjoy.

Sauna Grotta di Beniculà

Born and raised in Finland, I have lived all my life with sauna, but never before have I visited one that is smart enough to heat itself.

Sauna Grotta di Beniculà is a natural cave sauna located on the ridge of Montagna Grande. The idea is to simply get inside the cave, sit on the lava stone and enjoy the natural vapour sauna.

Just like how the hot springs are formed on the lake of Pantelleria, the cave warms up due to the residues of the volcanic activity.

Bring a towel and wear something you do not mind getting wet and smudged. After only a few minutes in the cave, you will be all sweaty.