Trench coat from Edon Resort 2017 collection.
Cotton peplum top by Ji Oh, Resort 2019.
Oversized dress from Totême Pre-Spring 2019 collection.

Up Your Sleeve

Voluminous silhouettes come with increased movement. Not only are you able to move freely in these clothes, but the fabric creates movement on its own, as it drapes and flows with gravity and air.

I notice a sudden abundance of wide sleeves in my wardrobe. Some of them might create new challenges in everyday life, when trying to fit a coat over them, or simply trying to think of where to hide the sleeves while, say, washing your hands.

My favorite smock dress from last summer came with such ridiculous sleeves, so long, so wide, that they would have been impossible in everyday use. With a little bit of rubber band and some cutting and sewing, I made them into cropped and cinched balloon sleeves that were practical and actually quite pretty.

The Alassio Dress by Totême is my winter version of that, although it travels well into summer too, and is one of the very few things I will pack with me for the upcoming beach vacation. And there goes one pair of those ace sleeves again.

Images courtesy of Edun, Ji Oh and Totême.