Things you touch every day, things that touch you... At 15:55 in my kitchen, love is vibration.

Things You Touch

When it comes to a loaf of bread, the price of luxury in Helsinki is six, seven euros. Make your own bread and it is much less.

There are certain factors in life that are somewhat urgent: fresh air, water, food, having a roof over one’s head, feeling safe and loved. But when our basic needs are satisfied, it is up to us to find meaning in the mundane things, and make the everyday feel special.

Whatever it is that we choose to do, our daily rituals anchor us. They bring comfort and pleasure. The thoughts we think and the things we do every day more or less equals our life experience.

That’s why I believe that caring more about the quality of the basic things in life is everything. Paying attention to the things you touch every day, to the rituals you perform everyday and systematically making those special.

Better hugs and kisses, better focus, better hand towels, bedlinen, coffee, carrots. Less time spent in your head, more time spent right here and now. More time for listening, working out, having sex, taking baths. Starting the day by breaking bread with someone you really like. Buying the best bread you can find...