Sunlight and soft breeze in Santa Monica, February 2016.
Outdoor life, walking on the beach, eating well and enjoying the Cali vibe – those are my favorite things in Los Angeles.

That light

“I came to Los Angeles from Philadelphia, where I had lived for five years, attending art school. Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love, but when I was there, it was a hellhole. There wasn’t a lot of love in that city.

I arrived in L.A. at night, so it wasn’t until the next morning, when I stepped out of a small apartment on San Vicente Boulevard, that I saw this light. And it thrilled my soul. I feel lucky to live with that light.

I love Los Angeles. I know a lot of people go there and they see just a huge sprawl of sameness. But when you’re there for a while, you realize that each section has its own mood. The golden age of cinema is still alive there, in the smell of jasmine at night and the beautiful weather. And the light is inspiring and energizing. Even with smog, there’s something about that light that’s not harsh, but bright and smooth. It fills me with the feeling that all possibilities are available. I don’t know why. It’s different from the light in other places. The light in Philadelphia, even in the summer, is not nearly as bright. It was the light that brought everybody to L.A. to make films in the early days. It’s still a beautiful place.”

Quote from Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch.

The light in Los Angeles sure is inspiring and energizing. So is reading this book. If you know Lynch only through his films, you might not know how clear-headed and warm-hearted his writing is.

Driving in Italy, we have listened the audiobook version of Catching the Big Fish for dozens of times. Read by Lynch himself, the words are smart and super funny, just like the man behind them.