Black and white with gold accents on my impromptu moodboard on the bedroom floor. The image on the magazine is by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick for Styleby. I got the metal and yarn bracelet from my friend when we met over cake and coffee in Paris. The artwork is a greeting card from New Zealand.
Yellow, blue, black, hello. Image courtesy of Céline.
Nature and man working together in my neighborhood in Helsinki. Besides people getting their houses restored, I found a palette for fall accessories.
From Samuji Resort 2017 look book photographed by Aleksi Niemelä. Image courtesy of Samuji.

To see

One of my favorite things to watch in my daily life is how thoughts become things, reality.

It is so much fun in fashion and personal style, to notice a detail first somewhere and then everywhere. You thought you were just eating yellow plums but soon you find yourself planting yellow roses for the garden, eyeing yellow shoes, banana prints...

If I get a sudden sense of powerlessness, I like to play a game in my head. I focus on a color – the thought of any color, what it looks like or feels like – and then start watching around and seeing pops of it everywhere, in items and places I had never considered to be the source of that color before.

That is when it becomes very clear and concrete to me that I see what I think. That my thoughts really create my life experience.

And so, if I do not like the experience...

It is so liberating to be reminded that there is no such thing as one reality that we all are part of. There is just the mind, that is focused on something, for example on lack of time. And then there is the person, the owner of the mind, living the reality of being busy and stressed, not having enough time.

Another moment, the mind focused on the thought of having enough of everything and all being well. And again, the clump of flesh feels what their mind thinks. At this moment, content and appreciative. Let's.