Los Angeles light, pure, glowing, still soft somehow.
Hands clean in Chateau Marmont, February 2016.
The book ‘Both Sides of Sunset: Photographing Los Angeles’ features works of 96 artists including Ed Ruscha, Bruce Weber and Ellen von Unwerth. The photograph on the open page is by Lisa Kereszi (Hollywood Hills, 2001).

To feel

On my travel moodboard, Los Angeles, always, yet for no particular reason. More than just a place – ah, so many wonderful places – to visit, LA is a feeling.

I have kept in my notebook a quote from an article published in Vogue UK a few summers back.

Our yearning for summer shows how much we're all craving freedom, warmth, a simpler life.”

The Los Angeles vibe for me has always been the carefree summer vibe, regardless of what time of the year I have visited and if it was for work or holiday.

The fresh food and the farmer’s markets, the outdoor life even if you are working, people taking their dogs to the beach and driving with them, dogs sticking heads out of car windows...

The dressing code or lack of it,
the collective ease and optimism,
the energy,
the light.

Life is simple in the sun. And to hold on to that kind of dynamic and forward-going ease, wherever, is how I would like to live and feel.