Raw organic shea butter is available in health stores.
Carolyn Murphy photographed by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine March 2016 issue.

Buttered up

Have you ever pondered how much weight your feet carry without complaining? This is not something I spend my days thinking about but every time it crosses my mind, I am amazed. Tens and tens of kilos…

To prevent cracked heels and keep my mostly bare summer feet happy and healthy, I may try an occasional magic trick but I always go back to same old same old.

Before you go to sleep, apply greasy foot lotion and put on socks. You will wake up with refreshed feet.

Lately, I have used pure organic shea butter for this overnight cure. It costs barely nothing and I like the scent and feel.

I never wake up with the socks still on. Nevertheless, the method works if you keep it up.