The power of nature, Italy, June 2017.


The concept of earthing therapy is not new. In one way or another, humans have always relied on the the intuitive assumption that nature heals.

Today, it is more and more commonly believed that the earth is a grounding force and connecting with it benefits our electrical bodies.

We have all heard the term ‘free radical’. Free radicals are positively charged compounds that are generated in our bodies through normal metabolism and stress, but also entered from outside sources such as sun rays, fried food, alcohol, medicines, air pollutants and pesticides.

Free radicals have a beneficial purpose in our bodies but when overdosed, they can harm our cells and cause chronic disease. Being positively charged, they steal an electron from a healthy cell – damaging it in the process.

Eating lots of antioxidant-rich foods helps our body cells combat the attacks of free radicals. This is also where earthing comes in the picture.

The earth has an unlimited supply of free electrons so when our bodies are in contact with it, electrons flow free between the earth and the body and any static charge can be neutralized.

Simply hug that tree, walk barefoot, sit on the grass or lie on the beach to feel the healing benefits.