We made a deal with Saku that we would not buy new clothes in six months. That means until mid-November.

This is basically because neither of us needs new stuff. Kirsikka was an inspirational example for us, too.

Sometimes it is easier to see and use what you have, when you do not have to choose whether to add some ‘good find’ to your wardrobe or not.

When adding is not an option, you do not have to think about it.

As I have not been an active shopper for summer clothes in the past years, it is quite a limited selection I have now. But the minute I came up with the idea of the wardrobe detox, I also came up with several ‘real’ needs: a pair of sandals, a bag, and a sundress.

To make things interesting, I did not buy any of those, but began my detox right away. This is such a sissy deal anyway, compared to people embracing the new minimalism and giving away most of their material things.

This last summer cheapie from Zara, a cream lace top with a floral motif, is suddenly a staple in my travel wardrobe.

All in all, after nearly a month, detoxing feels good.