Scanned image of Kate Moss and her mother photographed by Bruce Weber for the Fall Winter 2006 issue of Vogue Hommes.

Stay soft

Your body and skin like to be touched. Blood pressure and cortisol levels usually lower when we are touched in a friendly manner. We feel less stressed.

Touch calms the mind and soothes the body. It brings us back to the present moment.

It also builds trust. Politicians eagerly touch your arm while shaking your hand. A frightened child or pet calms down when you embrace them, or simply rest your hands on them.

Human beings enjoy being connected to the world and other humans not just intellectually but also physically. Small children tend to hug anyone – friends and strangers.

When feeling removed from your body, remind yourself of hugging your friends and family more.

See a massage therapist. Pet your dog or, in case you live without one, borrow a pet. There is always a friend who needs someone to take care of their cats and dogs when they travel anyway.