Genuine Beauty introduces gently effective skincare steps and recipes. This and all other images in the book are photographed by Kaapo Kamu.

Genuine Beauty

Genuine Beauty is a guidebook to beautiful and healthy skin.

Originally published in Finnish (Aidosti Kaunis, Cozy Publishing, 2015), the book is now available in English as an ebook.

Read the first pages and it will be obvious to you that the book is born out of author Katja Kokko’s deep passion and interest in holistic beauty and wellbeing.

Besides being nice and inspiring to look at, the book is packed with well-written practical information on how the skin as an organ functions, and how we can learn to read its messages and treat it better in our daily lives.

Through beautiful imagery and writing, Katja introduces a skincare philosophy that relies as much on caring for your inner beauty and overall physical health as pampering you skin with products.

What you put onto your skin should be honest and natural, but whether it is store-bought or homemade, that is up to you. Katja shares plenty of DIY skincare product recipes that, at least for me, are simply too delicious to resist.

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