Making a moodboard, 2016.

Creative energy

The everyday life we lead can be disconnected at times. Instead of really feeling what is going on within and around us at a given moment, we live in our heads mostly.

We approach the workweek in execution mode.

Above all, we want to get things done. Presentations, meetings, deadlines, maybe some exercise after work, kids, grocery store, dog walking, laundry, something to eat, oh dear it is bedtime again.

It is easy to lose touch to your sensual, creative essence when performing these tasks from day to day.

Even if we make our living out of being creative, our creativity is often reduced to the ability to come up with good ideas, find good solutions, make some object or service better.

Yet we are living and breathing things that also find delight where there are no goals or competition. We also find delight in beauty, nature, textures, colors, scents, flavors, experiences.

To bring our mind and body to balance, we need time when we can mentally surrender instead of being productive all the time.

To get full of life again, we need to take time for the things that feel lovely right in the moment of doing them.

It can be pleasurable exercise, reading, bathing, having a glass of wine and asking a friend or lover how their day was, then just listening.

Or painting, taking photographs, exploring the contents of our wardrobe and trying on different outfits, changing a room or corner in our home. Now what’s been calling you that you think you do not have time for?

A nice bonus that follows this pleasurable activity is that we often get more done when it is time to get things done again. In other words, taking time off being effective can actually make us more effective in the long run.

With a narrow, execution oriented mind we use a ridiculously small amount of our real capacity.

To boost your creativity and enjoy the everyday more, do one thing every day with no intention of being productive but just because it is fun.