The common saying about getting up on a right foot or a wrong foot is onto something big. As our moods are quick to gather momentum, morning is the best time to lay the grounds for the upcoming day.

It is like planting seeds. In the afternoon, the fruit of whatever we planted, is ripe and ready to be picked.

If you had everything you desire, what would your mornings be like? How would you feel waking up? What would be the first thing to do? What would you have for breakfast? With whom?

How would you make your bed? What would the ambience of your home be like? Going out, what would you wear? How would you walk?

We often dream of big changes but underestimate the power of small ones. Even though, big changes are nothing more than a series of little changes.

Each morning is a possibility for living it up a little. Shine more. Be kinder. Decide, once again, to stress less, focus more on what matters, and treasure already here and now those feelings of ease and abundance that we seek through our goals.