The softer side of light.
Ryan Roche cashmere sweater in the most forgiving powder shade. Image courtesy of


Springtime is the roughest time.

The amount of light combined with melting snow, street dust, low oxygen levels and the absence of green leaves that would improve the situation, April can be overwhelming.

Before it isn’t and you feel so alive and everything is so fresh.

I am not there yet. My home feels dusty although it isn’t. My thoughts are all over the place. And as much as I would like to wear something really crisp and pure, it does not feel right yet. Wait a week or two.

Loose layers in cream and powdery shades is the best I can do. At home and on me.

I wear sweaters and dresses over silk trousers and try to keep the soles of my sneakers clean.

And when I want to enjoy the outdoors, I bury myself inside that winter parka, just like I did in January.