Norfolk Island pine getting its weekly bath.
Whamisa is a Korean organic cosmetics brand that focused on fermented ingredients and botanical extracts. My favorite products from the line are the toners that come in three constitutions: Original for all skin types, Refresh for oily and combination skin, and Deep Rich for dry to normal skin.


Water baths for house plants, hydrating toners for the face. 

I instantly feel the temperature drop outdoors in my skin and body. It’s not an issue but I feel it.

The skin needs more hydration and moisture, and the body needs more warming foods and warming and opening exercise, such as yoga – or a warm bath, which can be even more beneficial than exercise sometimes.

For the skin, a good layer of toner before face oil which seals the moisture in.

I like the toner trio by Whamisa by its quality, price and straight-forward user experience. My favorite is the Original. I pat a few thin layers on clean warm skin and follow with a good face oil or balm.