Wandering around the garden and choosing stuff for dinner, the best.

Grow Your Own

It’s the most rewarding feeling to have something on your plate that you grew yourself. Even a few herb bushes can bring so much joy.

The luxury is of country life is to pick veg from the garden for every mealtime. Things are different in the city, but I do have some herbs and leaves in the backyard, and microgreens growing in my kitchen. 

The latter is a new project. Visiting Berlin in spring, I talked to a guy who grew all kinds of organic seedlings and sold them at the food market. They were delicious! There was so much life in those green little things I would have liked to have some with anything I ate.

In many ways, it makes sense that food is grown in places where the land and care is just right. It makes sense that most of our food comes from farms bigger than my window box.

But you don’t have to build a farm around you to call yourself a kitchen gardener. It is not the quantity of what you can harvest that counts, but the idea of paying attention and being connected to the food you eat. Parsley and chives count.