On radiance

Some things feel naturally good for you.

You just know it is good for you to greet the sun whenever you can, spend some time outdoors on a regular basis, breathe deeply, drink water, and eat well… You feel it to your very core every time you pay attention to doing these things.

When I let our dog run free outdoors, she takes a happy sprint, gets on her back, and rolls around on the ground. She knows that her skin likes to be touched.

Human skin likes attention too. Neglect it and its radiance fades fast.

As much as removing dead skin cells by exfoliating, or staying hydrated by drinking water and applying moisturizer, living in a happy skin is about the ritual of engaging in these activities. The attention.

The Good Stuff body and hair radiance oil by May Lindstrom Skin is a lovely tool for highlighting the ritual.

Smooth the rich fluid over damp skin after bathing or showering. Take your time massaging it into the skin and enjoy it coming more alive.

A rich blend of cocoa, rose, lavender and ylang-ylang on a plant oil base provide the most sensual scent and nourishment you can imagine.

I have other products to apply on my body when I have to get ready fast.

The Good Stuff is reserved for moments when I have time to enjoy it, and also spend a little while in my robe before leaving the house.

The oil is golden with translucent gold minerals so you want your skin to absorb it – not the white silk blouse you will be wearing.