Lost in Translation views at Park Hyatt. Postcard from Tokyo, January 2016.


“Park Hyatt as the last bite of Tokyo. Can you believe this view?

Japan has been an adventure. Besides different corners of Tokyo, we also spent a few days in Kyoto visiting temples and zen gardens, eating matcha pancakes, and walking in the magical bamboo forest.

I have read about cold Kyoto winters and been entertained with the mental images of electric duvets, sleeping with a hat on, and so on.

At 32, I finally got to experience it myself.

We chose to stay in a traditional Japanese house.

It was beautiful but I am pretty sure it was made of paper.

After the first night on the futon, wearing all the cashmere pieces I had bought along including a beanie and a scarf, I woke I with a red nose and a sore back to the noise of someone sneezing on the street.

Experiences, experiences.

And after all, it is contrast that makes life ever so much more interesting, and enjoyable.

Because of our little adventure, going to the hotel spa tonight, and sleeping on a premium western bed, feels like the ultimate luxury.”