Bathing in Italy.


It is logical, that since a scent can immediately evoke an emotion, and an emotion leads to physical effects, scents can be an effective tool for finding pleasure, peace and harmony in our mind and body.

Essential oils can be used in body massages when accordingly diluted with a vegetable oil, or around the house in vaporizers, candles, burners, or simply by boiling water with a few drops added in the pot.

My favorite way of using them, though, is in bath and shower.

Along with the ritual being more personal, the warm, moist air amplifies the scent. Add a few drops in bath water or a sponge wetted with warm water and mild soap, and enjoy.

Some simple scents to start with:

To energize and uplift: lemon, mint
To calm: rose, lavender
To seduce: jasmine, cacao, ylang ylang

For good quality organic essential oils and absolutes in Europe, try Organic Makers or Aroma Zone.