Vigilius Mountain Resort

Fresh air, silence and nature.

There is no road going up to the resort that is located on the mountains 1500 meters above sea level. So you take a cable car from the village and leave the world of traffic and cars behind.

Vigilius Mountain Resort is nestled in nature and surrounded by forests and spectacular views of the Dolomites.

A fairly short visit in August has become a tradition in my family. It is our end of summer ritual as the resort is so conveniently located our way from one home to another home. We drive from Italy back to Helsinki, that is our home base most of the year.

Up on the mountain it is easy to take a general and understanding approach to anything that might be bothering you in your every day life.

You see people with blissful faces hiking, or reading, eating mindfully, enjoying spa treatments and the pool area – my favorite is the small outdoor pool with almost hot water. The smell of fresh air and pine trees is lovely.

A specialty of the place is this amazing mountain spring water. Not only you get to drink it but you also shower, bathe and swim in it. Bliss.

There is nothing glamorous in the place yet it is something special. Ascetic luxury. Silence. Distance that helps you put things in perspective.

I arrive all dressed up in summer and leave recharged and prepared for fall, ready to say hello to the every day: the daily tasks and responsibilities at home, as well as friends and colleagues and projects waiting on my work desk.

Vigilius Mountain Resort
Pawigl 43, Vigiljoch
39011 Lana BZ
Trentino-Alto Adige, Italia