One of the nicest places in town to walk in at five o’clock on a Friday afternoon.

BasBas & Staff Wine Bar serves great wine and a changing selection of small plates in a no-nonsense yet cozy setting. If you have tried and liked some friendly neighborhood Bar à vin in France, you will totally love this one.

After eating on the upstairs bistro on a weekly basis, the opening of the downstairs wine bar served as a welcomed change to our weekly rituals.

A BasBas bistro meal makes any weekday feel special. For family weekends, we often choose the downstairs bar, go in early, leave early, and spend the rest of night at home. Dogs are welcome, which is a plus.

Just like upstairs in BasBas, food at the wine bar is the best.

It is fresh and tasty but never too complicated so that it would totally override the other pleasures you visit the place for: meeting people, engaging in good conversations, tasting wine…

Without a doubt, you will find the most interesting wine selection in town here. Anything great happening in the natural artisan wine scene and these guys know about it.

BasBas & Staff Wine Bar
Tehtaankatu 27–29
00150 Helsinki
Open Monday to Sunday

All images by Tuukka Koski, courtesy of BasBas.