Alpaca, silk and yak sweater by Samuji.
Cashmere sweater perfection by Khaite. Image courtesy of The Line.

A good sweater

A good sweater is a good friend.

With dull light and cold weather, it is the piece you would like to wear every day.

It is the piece that transforms a smart yet stiff outfit into something elegantly effortless. The piece that comforts you and warms you up.

Soft and flexible, it changes into something else, when needed.

Tie a sweater around your waist and your outfit gains layers and structure. (It’s a sweater belt!) Wrap it around your neck and you have a scarf.

As for materials, I find wool mixes with viscose, acrylic or polyester difficult to care, no matter how good the quality is said to be.

Cashmere, lambswool, alpaca, yak, mohair – all easy, as long as you treat them like a good friend.