‘Per un uomo alienati’, 1968, by Alighiero Boetti. Photographed in La Galleria Nazionale, Rome, January 2017.
Vintage hemp kelim carpet by Private 0204.
In my bedroom: ‘Constanza’ lamp designed in 1986 by Paolo Rizzatto.

Let it in

Strip down curtains and keep your windows clear, and you will have a natural light show to enjoy through the days.

In my home, we get morning light in the kitchen and living room and afternoon light in the bedrooms. If no one else, you will find our dog Hilma making the most of every sunray peeking in.

After her morning walk and breakfast, she sleeps on a large chair in the living room. In the afternoon, she crawls in bed. (Life’s too short not to let your pets sleep where you sleep.)

When working at home, I move with the light. It gives the day a structure and, especially on sunny days, brings out unexpected photo opportunities.

Daylight is essential to our well-being. Instead of relying on artificial light, most of us would do better with more focus on our daylight intake, especially in winter months.

Tuning yourself in the nature’s rhythm helps balance hormones and sleeps patterns. Exposing yourself to natural light lets your brain know when it is morning, and when it is time to calm down towards a good night’s sleep.

Glass and mirrors multiply and energize light. Place a mirror opposite to a window and you will have two windows. Fill clear glass vase with water to bring a table alive.

I like to keep a glass carafe of drinking water on my work desk out of the same reason. It brings light alive.