The sun coming out in Beijing.


It happens to me every spring, the need to leave the computer, all devices actually, and spend more time outdoors. Do stuff. Get my hands dirty.

I have been painting at home and office. Changing the color of a meeting room. Repairing a windowsill that started to look rugged.

Giving pieces of old furniture a coat of fresh paint. Cleaning my wardrobe. Trying on old and new clothes to see what to keep, and what to part with.

Planting tulips and herbs. Changing soil to potted plants. Preparing for the planting season in Italy and keeping my fingers crossed that magnolias are still blooming when we get there for garden work next week.

Coming up next, painting window frames and balcony doors in the bedroom. Organizing the bookshelf. That is a super nice job because you always find so many books you had forget you owned...

Re-upholstering a fat armchair that Hilma loves. It’s deep and firm and you feel totally protected sitting on it. Actually everyone loves sitting on that chair, and that is one of the reasons the cover is totally worn out.

So yeah, spending more time offline feels light and right. Publishing Minutes every second weels feels better than publishing every week. And good-feeling ease is what we enjoy, right?

Maybe you also have something that’s been calling you for a while, and you are now ready to make room for.