I understand nothing so I just follow the arrow, Tokyo, December 2015.


The nature of life is flowing and evolving.

Whenever we feel something in our lives is not moving to the direction we would want it to, we are blocking the way somehow ourselves.

We are not doing it on purpose, but we are doing it, simply because we cannot remove ourselves from our head.

We live what we think. Whether we think something is possible or impossible, we’ll be right. Whether we think we are smart and beautiful – or ugly and stupid – our life experience will be defined by this belief.

And of course, it is not all black and white like that.

Closer to what we all live to some extent, is the belief that we are good at this and that, while there are areas where our skills are really poor, or where we have always had ‘bad luck’.

What we see and experience is caused by our thoughts, and when we focus on unwanted things it is natural and actually really helpful that we feel a negative emotion.

That is our inner guidance system telling us to move to another direction, focus differently, to get different results.

Life is not supposed to be hard. It sure feels hard sometimes but not because there is some greater plan that we have to suffer before we can earn a joyful life experience.

You can like your life now.

But first you have to stop criticizing yourself and learn to like yourself, just as you are: a wonderful being with so many dreams and plans to become even more wonderful.

Criticism blocks the flow. In your body, in your relationships and in your life.

It is not until you let go of our insistence and demand on how things should be – and let them, for a moment, just be as they are – when you start seeing things going your way again.

And in the meanwhile, just the relief you feel when letting go, is an empowering thing. To feel lighter only because it feels so much better to feel lighter.

It is like throwing away a shabby, heavy coat that does not fit you or bring you comfort but that you have been just carrying on your shoulders out of habit.

Something’s pulling me back… oh wait a minute, I think it’s me.