The sun and the snow.
Gabriel Lester: Melancholia in Arcadia, 2011.
Alberte cotton blouse by Cecilie Bahnsen.

White Light

1 The sun and the snow is a magical combination, partly because you never get to enjoy it for too long. Either the sun is gone or, the snow. This time of the year nothing beats long walks outdoors followed by a sauna and a good meal. After holiday festivities and endless fancy meals, I have enjoyed the simplest cooking at home. Saku’s Parmigiana di Melanzane recipe, for example, is fantastic. To let the flavors marry perfectly, he makes it the day before, and he usually substitutes half of the eggplant with zucchini, which makes the bake a little bit more fresh. And for the final touch, lots of fresh herbs. Basil and mint are the perfect match here.

2 The image with the drapes is moving, don’t you think? The light and the air and the beautiful fabric... Created by Gabriel Lester out of lace curtains, the installation is called Melancholia in Arcadia, and it was exhibited in Istanbul in 2011. Only half of the piece is shown here, see and read more about it here.

3 Another piece of art in white. Cecilie Bahnsen’s work is dreamy. I had been eyeing this blouse for several seasons until I decided to buy it last fall. Made of simple, honest cotton fabric, the magic is in the details and silhouette, and the unashamedly feminine feel that, for me at least, has nothing to do with what’s cool or trendy. Instead, it speaks to the heart, and that is a lot to say about a white cotton blouse.