Catching the afternoon sun, September 2016.
The image above the chair is a clipping from Arela’s lookbook photographed by Osma Harvilahti. I liked the picture so I put it in some old Ikea frame thinking I would replace it later… I haven’t.
Lilacs in full bloom, May 2016.

The Rocking Chair

Looking for a lounge chair for our bedroom, we spotted this rocking chair by Gervasoni that the store had just received.

It was nothing we had had in mind. And yet, no other chair could have made us happy since we sat on this one.

Nestled in the corner of the room, next to a French balcony overlooking a courtyard filled with trees and bushes, this is the therapy spot of our home. The calm surroundings and being somewhat close to nature does it, as well as the rocking feature of the chair.

The soothing effect of a rocking chair has probably something to do with how we spent the first nine months of our lives.

We rock children to sleep and the mentally ill rock themselves to calm their thoughts. There is something to the movement that feels good and calming to our very core. It is no rocket science. It just works.

When was the last time you sat in a rocking chair or a swing?