Mexico City

Random things I learned in the capital of Mexico, CDMX that stands for Ciudad de Mexico, or Mexico City in English:

The official taxis are pink. There is a color named Mexican pink that is found in traditional clothing, crafts and fine art throughout the country.

With a population of nearly nine million, Mexico City is enormous but can also feel very small and cozy. We spent most time in the neighborhoods Roma and Condesa, both lovely.

Besides being colorful, Mexico City is surprisingly green with trees and parks and potted green plant everywhere, cleansing the air as they live on, by sucking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

In her home, Frida Kahlo had a day bedroom and an adjoining night bedroom. I think that was so charming. Her daybed was identical to her night bed, and it was surprisingly small.

Breakfast and lunch are the main socializing meals of the day. They are very substantial and can easily last for two hours. In the evening time, streets are gloomy and people do not go out that much.

A tortilla is a soft, thin unleavened flatbread made of finely ground corn flour. Out of tortillas, you can make different flatbread dishes such as tacos, tostadas and quesadillas.

Taco is a tortilla topped with a filling. Tostada, as the name suggests, is a toasted tortilla topped with a filling. And those folded crunchy corn shells you can buy in a supermarket have little to do with Mexican food.