Condesa DF

A new city, and you are not completely sure about any of the hotels you have browsed online.

I am happy we chose to begin our Mexico trip in Condesa DF although I had read some disappointed reviews about it being past its prime.

Hotels age, there is nothing you can do about it. In my opinion, Condesa DF has aged in a charming way and I felt really comfortable and happy there.

You begin the trip jet-lagged and everything is new: the culture, the language, the neighborhood. That is why the choice of hotel is so crucial. To feel at ease, some things must feel familiar.

Early in the morning (we flew from the east so there was no trouble waking up) we would wander downstairs and have a light breakfast. Outside, days begin slowly. We spotted mainly dogs and dog walkers on our morning strolls.

Housed in a 1928 building, Condesa DF has 40 rooms and suites. As a contrast to the lively public spaces on the ground floor and the rooftop terrace, rooms are calm and airy, inspired by the tranquility of monastic bedrooms.

After two nights, you get used to the air and rhythm of the hotel. The people who work there and how things are operated, how the light changes in your room, what to order for breakfast.

The space is built around a ground floor central patio around which everything else revolves. Passageways to rooms face this central area on all three floors.

White shutters are closed in the evening and opened at eight every morning. I grew really fond of this ritual as the mood of the whole place changes with it.

We had a cute room with a terrace and some plants. The intense smell of jasmine reminded me of my home in Italy. And when the sun came out, there were birds and enormous yellow butterflies flying around.

Condesa DF is located within a walking distance from several nice cafés, shops and restaurants. We found our favorite blocks in the adjoining neighborhood called Roma.

Walking the leafy boulevards surrounded by historic facades you almost forget you are in Mexico City, a gigantic city that, in your imagination before visiting felt so much more chaotic, so much less heartfelt and romantic.

Yet here you are, and it is not too hectic at all.

Condesa DF
Avenue Veracruz 102, Condesa
06700 Mexico City