Ancient door in Italy waiting to be opened.
Ceramic ring container by Karin Widnäs.

On curiosity

All of life is a foreign country”, wrote Jack Kerouac in his letter to John Clellon Holmes in 1949.

It would be so good to remember this. To live this. To be curious about people and things.

To be curious – not offended – about differing opinions. To make room for the idea that even though you are always right, someone else can be right too, with their opposing statement.

So you are really supporting Trump, this is interesting, I want to understand you, lets talk about it.

For the curious, no one is an enemy.

This has nothing to do with moral. I am referring to the ability to keep calm and stay focused on the good in the world and other people, even though someone has a worldview different from ours.

Being open and curious also makes everything, anything, interesting.

Which brings to mind another quote to love, and keep in mind, by Dylan Thomas: “Somebody’s boring me... I think its me.”