Lemaire Sweater Scarf as seen in Bernadette’s beautiful Palette journal. Photo by Andrew Stinson for palette.blog.
My Lemaire scarf comes in cream. The old chair has a re-painted with a greenish grey color ‘Hardwick White’ by Farrow & Ball.


Comforting and lovely, I always carry a blanket or shawl with me when I travel, and I often wear one at home, in a restaurant, or wherever extra layer of warmth is needed.

Turning on the heat sure makes the air warmer indoors but it does not provide the same feeling of security than having something wrapped around you.

Bought from the Fall Winter collection some seasons back, the Lemaire sweater scarf serves both as a blanket and a shawl.

It is made of yak and merino wool spun and knitted in Italy. With the hangtag comes the following note and piece of information that I loved to learn:

“Yaks are protected from the intense cold by a soft insulating layer down called Khullu, hidden by their characteristic long guard hair. This down sheds in the spring, and needs to be collected before it is scattered to the winds. Using yak wool as a base for local manufacturing is an innovation that brings the finished products a high added value and benefits the local population. Yak wool is soft, hard-wearing, temperature-regulating and insulating.”