The ceramic pots come with a brass plate. Image courtesy of Studioilse.
With the generous handle and long spout, the Nurture watering can is lovely to use.


Nurture is a lovely collection for plant lovers. Designed by Studioilse and manufactured by Skultuna, the line consists of ceramic and brass planters that come in two sizes, and a brass watering can.

The collection responds to the growing desire to bring plants to our home and work environment – and encourages us to take care of them. Ceramics in black, green and chocolate create a natural, earthy bed for house plants, just like the soil and undergrowth in nature.

I cannot remember buying any brown object for the home in ages, if ever, but from this collection, this color instantly made sense to me. Besides being softer than black in both texture and color, it marries perfectly with the vintage Arabia pots I have in different sizes.

For more information about the collection, have a look at the Skultuna online shop.