The cabinet was moved from the living room to our bedroom corner.
Everyone's happy on the new sofa.

Move 27 things

Something dies when a space is not used. No matter how visually beautiful it may be, people are not drawn to it, it feels somehow sad, unloved, uninviting... 

We had a little bit of that going on in our living room some time ago. While everyone liked the sofa, no one wanted to spend time on it. With all the other changes we had made, the proportions did not work any more in this space; it was too bit and felt crowded at the same time.

After we flipped some furniture around and replaced the sofa, I am happy to see a lot of life happening in this little corner of our life every day. The entire room is brighter and cozier, we are using the bookshelf more, and a couple of days ago we lighted up the fireplace opposite the sofa after a full year of not using it.

Changes like this can be so refreshing and inspiring. Things tend to accumulate, both matter and thoughts, so a little energy and focus is always needed when you wish to change something. At the same time, you can do a little reset any time. Small changes – say, the habit of cleaning up for 10 minutes every day – accumulates and make a huge difference in a week or month.

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, moving 27 things in your living environment can help you get out of a rut and improve your life. My experience is that even much less than 27 things can be effective.

Touching and moving things will breathe life into your place. It will make the room (and you) feel cared for. So whenever you are ready for a new phase, move something.