Corail, 2019, by ceramic artist Nathalie Lautenbacher.


“Art is a bit like nature to me; it’s soothing and healing, you can never have too much of it, and you don’t have to own it to enjoy it. Even when life is busy, visiting an exhibition feels like a good investment of time. I always feel wiser and more connected to life afterwards. 

I think it’s vital to physically experience art and creativity – not just on computer screens. We lose the sense of scale, as well as understanding of the depth of things, if we only look at pictures online. 

Art is not just for the weekends and museums, though. Handmade housewares bring art to the everyday. For my home, I choose pieces very intuitively, and there is often a humble quality to them. I like the idea of intimacy in a home interior, that you have to step closer to study a piece, as opposed to taking a step back. 

I also like to move things around. Pieces are hung where there is a proper nail on the wall, and with every new location comes a new angle. You see the creation with new eyes. To avoid becoming blind to our surroundings, it’s good to shake things up, make them matter. 

The ceramic tile composition by Nathalie Lautenbacher is quite a recent addition to our home. It’s got a dreamy name, Corail, and it reminds me of all the sweet things in life, even silly things like, ice cream flavors. That’s what art does to people. It makes us more human. Softer and kinder, brighter. Inspired.”

The quote is from a little advent calendar interview done by our lovely neighborhood gallery and shop Lokal. They wanted to visit and take a picture of an art piece I had purchased from them. They also interviewed Saku, and we were both asked the same question: what does art mean to us in general, and in the context of our home.